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Jam Session
MAY  1941 Clark Monroe’s  “THE UPTOWN HOUSE”
198 West 134th Street,  HARLEM,  NYC

  32  BARS   (AABA) Key of   D Quarter Note =   196 Time:   5:04
      2 chor  –  alto sax
      3 chor  –  trumpet
    2 chor  –  CC
  16 bars  –  CC
      8 bars  –  tenor sax
      8 bars  –  ensemble (ride-out)

  RUDY WILLIAMS alto sax
  DON BYAS tenor sax
  HOT LIPS PAGE trumpet
  JOE GUY trumpet  *
    *  on ride-out only

  Jam Session Recorded by  JERRY NEWMAN

Composed by: Edgar Sampson  (lyrics added later by Andy Razaf)
  [ composition named after Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom ]
©   VALDÉS   6/1/02


Page 1:   CC Solo:  1st Chorus

Page 2:   CC Solo:  2nd Chorus

Page 3:   CC Solo:  3rd Chorus



Charlie Christian’s solo on this Stompin’ at the Savoy is a notch or two below the much longer 12 May 1941 version.  The rhythm section from the Minton’s version is sorely missed here.  This one starts out with a two-chorus solo by Williams on alto (no theme is stated) and three choruses by Lips Page before Charles takes his 2˝ choruses.

1st Chorus
Not much on which to comment on his first chorus.  CC takes four bars before he gets his solo going, then seems to use this first chorus to build up to the second where he really lets go.

2nd Chorus
First four bars consist of 6ths on alternating strings.  Measures 9-11 contain some half-stepping/skipping down the fretboard—CC seems to miss a note by a fret (A instead of B♭) when he switches strings on the third beat of mm 10.  On the first two bars of the bridge (mm17-18), Charles plays a sequence that I don’t believe I’ve heard him play anywhere else.  Another unique sequence is the ♭3rd / 6th double-stops on the last bar of the chorus—sort of the reverse of the last bar on his first solo chorus on the 12 May Stompin’….

3rd Chorus
CC may have actually intended to end his solo after two choruses.  These last 16 bars of guitar settle back down below the level of the first chorus—mostly just a riffing kinda thing (possibly no one was ready to take a solo) until Byas comes in at the bridge.  The final eight-bar section is an ensemble ride-out.

Issued Recordings:
  [10] Esoteric ESJ-4 (side B, track 3)
    Vogue LD 158 (side B, track 3)
  [LP] Bellaphon BJS 4042 (side B, track 5)
    Counterpoint CPT-548 (side B, track 5)
    Counterpoint CPTS-5548 (side B, track 5)
    Esoteric ES-548 (side B, track 5)
    Everest 1233 (side B, track 5)
    Everest 5233 (side B, track 5)
    Everest FM-119 (side B, track 5)
    Everest FS-219 (side B, track 5)
    Festival ALB 377 (side B, track 5)
    Globe MJ-7066 (side B, track 5)
    Jazz Anthology JA 5122 (side B, track 5)
    Murray Hill S-53976 (side 7, track 2)
    Nippon Columbia HR-101-EV (side B, track 5)
    Nippon Columbia SL-5001-EV (side B, track 5)
    Nippon Columbia YS-7071-EV (side B, track 5)
    Presto PRE 640 (side B, track 3)
    Saga 6919 (side B, track 3)
    Saga SOC 1036 (side B, track 3)
    Society SOC 996 (side B, track 5)
    Vedette VRM 36025 (side B, track 5)
    Vedette VPA 8095 (side B, track 5)
    Vedette VRMS 325 (side B, track 5)
    Venus TKJV-19013 (side B, track 5)
    Vogue 500114 (side B, track 5)
    Vogue CMDEVR 9378 (side B, track 5)
    Vogue LD 665-30 (side B, track 5)
    W & G WG-25/5233 (side B, track 5)
  [CD] Blue Moon Discs 008 (track 8)
    Century CECC 00376 (track 6)
    CMA Jazz CM 15001 (track 5)
    Definitive DRCD11177 (disc 4, track 11)
    Dreyfus Jazz FDM 36715-2 (track 8)
    Fantasy / Esoteric OJCCD-1932-2 (track 6)
    Fuel 2000 302 061 167 2 (track 15)
    Grammercy 0156 2 (track 5)
    Jazz Anthology 550012 (track 8)
    Jazz Classics JZCL-5005 (disc 2, track 8)
    JSP JSP909 (disc 4, track 11)
    Laserlight / Delta 17 032 (track 5)
    Legacy International 373 (track 5)
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 75 (track 15)
    MasterSong 50354 2 (track 5)
    Membran 232096 [see Album Index]
    Membran 232568 [see Album Index]
    Music Memoria 87998 2 (disc 2, track 17)
    Natasha Imports NI-4020 (track 8)
    Nippon Columbia 30CY-1436 (track 8)
    Nippon Columbia 35C38-7223 (track 8)
    Proper P1492 (track 17)
    Proper PROPERBOX 98 (disc 4, track 17)
    SSJ XQAM-1638 (track 6)
    United Audio UAE 3066 2 (track 16)
    Venus TKCZ-36013 (track 6)
    Venus TKCZ-79502 (track 6)
    Vogue 600135 (track 6)


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