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mx   WCO 26133 A
OCTOBER  2,  1939     Monday Columbia Studios,  NYC

  32  BARS   (ABAB) Key of   Ab Quarter Note =   142 Time:   2:47
  4-Bar Intro  +  3  CHORUSES:
    4  bars  –  CC  &  clt (Intro)
    32  bars  –  clarinet (Melody) (over vib obbl)
  32  bars  –  CC (over clt obbl)
    16  bars  –  vibes
      8  bars  –  piano
      4  bars  –  clarinet (over vib)
      4  bars  –  vibes (over clt)

  Benny Goodman Sextet
  BENNY GOODMAN clarinet

Issued Recordings:
  [ 78 ] Columbia 35254
    Columbia 36720
    Columbia C-102
  [ LP ] CBS 2BP 220094
    CBS 460612 1
    CBS 67233
    Columbia CG 30779
    Columbia CJ 40846
    Columbia G 30779
    Giants of Jazz LPJT 13
    I Grandi del Jazz GdJ-41
    Time-Life STL-J12
  [ CD ] BD Jazz JZBD022 (disc 1, track 2)
    Best of Jazz 4032
    Catfish KATCD196
    CBS 460612 2
    Chestnut CN1003
    Classics 1064
    Columbia 501646 2
    Columbia/Legacy AC4K 65564 (disc 1, track 2)
    Columbia C2K 45037
    Columbia/Legacy C4K 65564 (disc 1, track 2)
    Columbia/Legacy C5K 61432
    Columbia CK 40846
    Columbia/Legacy CK 61445
    Columbia CK 91494
    Definitive DRCD11176 (disc 1, track 6)
    Definitive DRCD11288
    FD Music / EPM 15190 2
    Frémeaux FA 218
    Giants of Jazz 53039
    History 20.1960-HI
    History 20.1975-HI
    Jazz Archives / EPM 15817 2
    Jazz Archives / EPM 15852 2
    Jazz Archives / EPM 15908 2
    Jazz Greats MC 027
    Jazzterdays JTD 102410
    Le Chant du Monde 274 1459.60 (disc 1, track 5)
    Le Jazz / Charly CD 11
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 24 (track 9)
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 9004 (disc 1, track 9)
    Masters of Jazz R2CD 8004
    Music Memoria 39332 2
    Proper PROPERBOX 98
    Saga Jazz 066 449-2
    SME / Sony SRCS 9612
    Sony/Legacy 93035 (disc 1, track 2)
    Universe UV 129/2
    Warner Music France 3007-2
  Incomplete:     *
  [ LP ] CBS 62.581
    CBS / Sony 56AP 674-6
    CBS / Sony SOPZ4-6
  [ CD ] Hallmark 30283 2
    Hallmark 39117 2
    Jazz Portraits 14535
    Jazz Roots 56027
    Topaz Jazz TPZ 1017
  *     All incomplete issues are missing the first 2 beats of the Intro.

Composed by: Art Hickman - Harry Williams
©   VALDÉS   12/20/99



Transcription Page:     Rose Room  —  2 October 1939



Rose Room was the tune on which Charlie Christian auditioned – it’s been asserted that it lasted over 45 minutes – and then was hired on the spot by Goodman.  On the sextet’s first studio date, CC is deservedly featured on Rose Room, a tune with great changes and on which he recorded some of his best solos – and this is one of the best of those best.  After Charles plays his own four-bar intro, the clarinet states the theme before CC takes his solo chorus.

Charles starts his solo with a four-note figure repeated three times.  (Note that I have indicated different fingering for the middle figure.  I’m not positive about the fingering, but it sounds like that may have been the case here.  CC was wont to do this so I’m giving it to you for consideration.)  The next phrase (mm 2-3) gives a great example how he stretched out the fretboard.  The phrase at bars 6-7 later reappeared in the 28 October 1939 and 6 June 1941 versions of Rose Room in expanded form (mm 6-8) – very instructive comparing the three.

Many guitarists have a bit of a problem phrasing the F7/Bb7 triples at mm12-13 correctly – including myself.  Placing slight emphasis the first note of the Bb7 (first note of bar 13) makes it much easier to get it right.

CC starts a long five-bar run at the end of bar 14 with an extended version of a lick he liked to use over a dominant-7.  Bar 26 features his stock double-stop on the major chord, but then he executes a most unusual half-beat pause on the next measure to switch the rhythm around.  At the end of bar 28 and start of bar 29 there’s a much shorter example of the lick he played at mm 15-16.

The final chorus is shared by vibes, piano, and clarinet.


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