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(All Star Jump)
mx   OA-060332-1
JANUARY  16,  1941     Thursday VICTOR Records
  RCA Studios,  NYC

  12-BAR  BLUES Key of   D Quarter Note =   172 Time:   3:26
  4-Bar Intro  +  12  CHORUSES:
      4  bars  –  drums (Intro)
      2 chor  –  piano   {Basie}
    1 chor  –  CC (over ens riffs) {Christian}
      1 chor  –  trombone   {Higginbotham}
      1 chor  –  tenor sax (over ens riffs) {Hawkins}
      1 chor  –  trumpet (over ens riffs) {Williams}
      1 chor  –  alto sax   {Carter}
      1 chor  –  trumpet (over ens riffs) {James}
      1 chor  –  clarinet   {Goodman}
      1 chor  –  ensemble (riffs)
      2 chor  –  ensemble (riffs)

  Metronome All Star Band
  BENNY CARTER alto sax
  TEX BENEKE tenor sax
  BENNY GOODMAN clarinet
  ZIGGY ELMAN trumpet
  HARRY JAMES trumpet
  J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM trombone
  TOMMY DORSEY trombone
  BUDDY RICH drums
  Arranged by  JIMMY MUNDY

Composed by: Count Basie - Jimmy Mundy
©   VALDÉS   7/4/18


Transcription Page:     One O’Clock Jump



This blues presented itself at the end of two long days of recording for Charlie Christian.  On Wednesday the sextet had begun a two-day session putting down multiple takes of four different tunes for Columbia.  In between, Charles had participated in a session backing The Charioteers vocal quartet at the Columbia Recording Studios.  Now he was at the RCA Victor studios with the Metronome All Star Band composed of musicians selected in the annual magazine poll.  Count Basie, Cootie Williams, Benny Goodman, and Artie Bernstein were on both the sextet and the all star sessions.  Jo Jones was on both the sextet and Charioteers sessions.  Our guitarist was on all three.

CC gets to solo on only one tune with the all stars this year:  One O’Clock Jump.  Basie (the tune’s composer) begins with two typically fine choruses and is then followed by the other soloists taking only one chorus each.

The pianist gives Charles a perfect lead-in which he picks up immediately.  A simple blues solo by Charles but very soulfully executed.  It’s easy to overlook this one due to its brevity but it’s a beauty.  It would have been preferable, though, if the ensemble hadn’t riffed behind him which they also did on half the solos.  The trombonist follows with another bluesy solo.  The rest of the soloists take good single choruses, Cootie and Benny Carter in particular – except for the tenor-saxist who doesn’t bother to do anything but riff through his entire solo.

Don’t disregard Charles’ solo on this one – the first five bars are especially delightful, simple but perfect.

  LISTEN   Guitar Solo:

NB:   One O’Clock Jump was released the following month together with the other tune recorded at the session.  Both tunes would be reissued, always together, in the early ’50s on 78-rpm singles, 45-rpm singles, an Extended Play 7" sleeve set, a box set of 45-rpm singles, and a 10" LP.  Several 12" LPs followed later in the 1950s – still with One O’Clock Jump invariably following Bugle Call Rag, a tune on which he did not solo.

Issued Recordings:
  [ 78 ] Victor 27314 (b/w Bugle Call Rag)
    RCA Victor 42-0036 (b/w Bugle Call Rag)
    RCA Victor 420-0199 (b/w Bugle Call Rag)
  [ 45 ] RCA Victor 27-0036 (b/w Bugle Call Rag)
    RCA Victor 27-0115 (b/w Bugle Call Rag)
    RCA Victor 447-0199 (b/w Bugle Call Rag)
    RCA Victor WPT 30 (side B, track 2)
  [ EP ] RCA Victor EPAT-30 (side B, track 2)
  [ 10 ] RCA Victor LPT 21 (side B, track 1)
    RCA T21035 (side B, track 1)
  [ LP ] RCA Black & White 731.089 (side A, track 4)
    RCA Camden CAL-426 (side A, track 3)
    RCA Camden CDN-122 (side A, track 3)
    RCA Camden LCP-14 (side A, track 3)
    Readers Digest / RCA RDC 100 (side F, track 3)
  [ CD ] Affinity AFS 1026-6 (disc 6, track 18)
    Bluebird 66617-2 (disc 1, track 22)
    Bluebird 7636-2-RB (track 9)
    Definitive DRCD11176 (disc 3, track 13)
    FD Music / EPM 15184 2 (disc 2, track 14)
    Frémeaux FA 5050 (disc 1, track 7)
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 68 (track 17)
    Membran 232094 [see Album Index]
    Membran 232568 [see Album Index]
    Memoir CDMOIR 591 (track 6)
    Mosaic MD8-251 (disc 6, track 10)
    Proper P1153 (track 9)
    Proper PROPERBOX 14 (disc 1, track 9)
    RCA 28562 2 (track 22)
    RCA Jazz Tribune Nº 52 ND 89277 (disc 1, track 16)
    RCA Victor 68779-2 (track 6)
    RCA Victor 68949-2 (disc 3, track 6)


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