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MARCH  10,  1941     Monday “WHAT’S NEW? – THE OLD GOLD SHOW”
NBC Radio Network / WJZ,  NYC

  32  BARS    (AABA) Key of   E Quarter Note =   164 Time:   3:13
  4-Bar Intro  +  4  CHORUSES:
      4  bars  –  piano (Intro)
    16  bars  –  CC & ens (Theme)
      8  bars  –  clarinet
      8  bars  –  CC & ens (Theme)
  32  bars  –  CC (over ens riffs)
    16  bars  –  trumpet (over CC chord accents)
      8  bars  –  tenor sax (over CC & ens riffs)
      8  bars  –  trumpet (over CC chord accents)
    16  bars  –  CC & ens (Riffs)
      8  bars  –  drums  
      8  bars  –  CC & ens (Riffs)

  Benny Goodman and his Sextet  
  GEORGIE AULD tenor sax
  BENNY GOODMAN clarinet
  GENE KRUPA drums

Composed by: Charlie Christian - Leslie Sheffield - Lionel Hampton
©   VALDÉS   6/19/18


Transcription Page:     Flying Home  —  10 March 1941



Flying Home is featured once more on the weekly Lorillard Tobacco-sponsored radio show.  This time not under the best of circumstances with showman-drummer Gene Krupa guesting in lieu of our talented Dave Tough.

On the 10 Feb 41 radio show, Charlie Christian started his solo somewhat as on the master studio date;  here on 10 March – he almost duplicates the first A-section of the 10 Feb session.  Still charming, though, in the whimsical variations in details – note especially mm 2 and 3.  Another similarity is that both solos have the ensemble playing the same riffs behind Charles – not so on any other versions.

The bridge:  Charles extends the E♭7 two beats into the A♭Maj – quite unusual.  (The vista across mm 18-19 is quite nebulous, however.)  Then he starts the F7 two beats early – this is not unusual – cutting the A♭Maj segment in half, making it only four beats in duration rather than two measures.  Nice slide starts the F7 going up to the higher frets.  The B♭7 emerges 2½ beats early after his F7 statement.  Engaging bridge, with a bland resolution.

His solo seems enthusiastic enough here but it’s not as creative as on the others and lacks some of the customary rhythmic subtleties.  It’s certainly a CC solo but not the best of the Flying Home lot.  Actually, the entire ensemble is a somewhat subdued…with Charles coasting a little bit too much with repeated double-stops in his solo.  Must have felt the absence of Dave’s drive.


Issued Recordings:
  [LP] Festival ALB 377 (side D, track 3)
    Jazz Anthology JA 5181 (side B, track 3)
    Jazz Archives JA-23 (side B, track 3)
  [CD] Definitive DRCD11177 (disc 3, track 18)
    Definitive DRCD11386 (track 12)
    Fuel 2000 302 061 755 2 (track 19)
    Jazz Classics JZCL-5005 (disc 1, track 20)
    JSP JSP909 (disc 3, track 18)
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 74 (track 9)
    Music Memoria 87998 2 (disc 2, track 9)
    Phoenix 131606 (track 12)
    Proper P1492 (track 8)
    Proper PROPERBOX 98 (disc 4, track 8)
    Vintage Jazz Classics VJC-1021-2 (track 20)
  These releases place the last ten bars at the beginning of the following track
  [CD] Archives of Jazz 380123 2 (tracks 11-12)
    Archives of Jazz 389123 2 (tracks 11-12)
    Galaxy 3899442 (tracks 11-12)
  This release omits the last ten bars
  [CD] Stardust CLP 1150-2 (track 11)


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