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OCTOBER  28,  1940     Monday Columbia Recording Studios,  NYC

  32  BARS    (AABA) Key of Fm Quarter Note = 210 Time: 3:11
  8-Bar  Intro  +  5  CHORUSES:
    8  bars  –  ensemble riffs (Intro)
      1 chor  –  clarinet    
      1 chor  –  trumpet    
      1 chor  –  tenor sax    
      1 chor  –  piano    
  16  bars  –  CC (over honking clarinet)
      8  bars  –  clarinet
    8  bars  –  ensemble riffs (as on Intro)

  LESTER YOUNG tenor sax
  BENNY GOODMAN clarinet
  BUCK CLAYTON trumpet
  JO JONES drums

Composed by: Count Basie - Lester Young

Count Basie’s original recording of “Dickie’s Dream” was in the key of Cm.
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Transcription Page:          Guitar Solo



Charlie’s Dream and Lester’s Dream are two takes of the same tune, Dickie’s Dream, which was first recorded a year earlier and released on Vocalion as by “Count Basie / Kansas City Seven.”  Interestingly we have the same personnel here, except that now Charlie Christian and a clarinetist replace trombonist Dickie Wells.

These two adaptations are very good but suffer in comparison with the Basie original – part of the problem is that the mood is set back almost immediately with the first solo giving a pop flavor to the ambiance.  The original version was perfectly done and never equaled, not even by Basie’s subsequent efforts.  A better judgment could be made if one had never heard the original.

It seems like on both versions Charles is expecting to go the full chorus:  on Charlie’s he seems to abruptly shoot into a concluding phrase;  on Lester’s he continues a full measure into the bridge.  He gives a good account of himself on both, although his solo on Charlie’s Dream is seriously marred by a horn incessantly tooting in the background.

Nonetheless, fine guitar solos and, of course, always a delight to hear Prez.  Not lackluster but not the cream of the session.

Issued Recordings:
  [ LP ] Cicala / Durium BLJ 8021 (side B, track 3)
    Jazz Archives JA-6 (side A, track 3)
    Jazz Archives JA-42 (side B, track 5)
    Jazz Document va-7997 (side A, track 3)
  [ CD ] Archives of Jazz 380106 2 (track 3)
    Archives of Jazz 389106 2 (track 3)
    Best of Jazz 4032 (track 13)
    Blue Moon BMCD 1006 (track 9)
    Columbia/Legacy AC4K 65564 (disc 2, track 5)
    Columbia/Legacy C4K 65564 (disc 2, track 5)
    Definitive DRCD11176 (disc 4, track 5)
    Jazz Classics JZCL-5005 (disc 1, track 14)
    Le Chant du Monde 274 1459.60 (disc 2, track 3)
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 44 (track 11)
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 9004 (disc 4, track 11)
    Membran 232094 [see Album Index]
    Membran 232568 [see Album Index]
    Mosaic MD4-239 (disc 4, track 6)
    Music Memoria 87998 2 (disc 2, track 3)
    Proper P1490 (track 2)
    Proper PROPERBOX 98 (disc 2, track 2)
    Sony/Legacy 93035 (disc 2, track 5)
    Vintage Jazz Classics VJC-1021-2 (track 14)


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