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mx  CO 29030-Z
NOVEMBER  7,  1940     Thursday Columbia Studios,  NYC

  12-BAR  BLUES Key of   B Quarter Note =   192 Time:   2:54
  4-Bar  Intro  +  11  CHORUSES:
    4 bars  –  trumpet (Intro)
    1 chor  –  CC & ensemble (theme riffs)
    2 chor  –  CC
    2 chor  –  piano
    1 chor  –  ensemble (vamp)
    1 chor  –  tenor sax
    1 chor  –  tenor sax (over ens riffs)
    2 chor  –  CC & ensemble (riffs)
    1 chor  –  clarinet (over CC & ens riffs)

  Benny Goodman and his Sextet
  GEORGIE AULD tenor sax
  BENNY GOODMAN clarinet

Composed by: Count Basie - Benny Goodman
©   VALDÉS   2/25/19


Take Five:     Benny’s Bugle    CO 29030-Z



On 7 November 1940, six takes (including two incomplete takes) of Benny’s Bugle were recorded at the end of one of the sextet’s long Columbia studio sessions.  Charlie Christian was allocated two 12-bar blues choruses for his solo to follow right after the trumpet intro and one-chorus theme.

As the Benny’s Bugle session progressed the length of the takes increased from 10 choruses on the initial complete take, to 11, then to 12 choruses for the master take.  There’s also a general increase in the tempo as each take is brought forth.

The master (take 6) was released on 78-rpm on March 3, 1941 along with another of the tunes recorded at the same session.  Thirty-some years later, four of the other takes (2 thru 5) were released on LP in 1973 showcasing the guitar solos but spliced and incomplete.  In 1980, a Swedish label released an LP that included one track with four takes (1 thru 4) recorded continuously with all the between-takes aural activity.  Finally, in 2002, Columbia collected and released all the material in their 4-CD, guitar-amp box.

CO 29030-v   (take 1)          – partial –
This isn’t actually a false start or breakdown but a short try-out of the beginning.  Still, it’s an interesting interrupted guitar solo.

CO 29030-W   (take 2)          – 10 choruses –
The tempo has been increased a bit and even knowing this is just a run-though, Charles continued to be just as creative as ever.  He has now adjusted his solo to start on the second beat of the first measure for the remainder of the session.  Do note the unexpected dyad exclamation tossed in on the penultimate bar of his solo.

CO 29030-X   (take 3)          – 11 choruses –
The tempo picks up a little more. Charles plays a strikingly exquisite, long run on mm 6-11 of his second solo chorus ... crested with an octave exclamation point of satisfaction.  Even though there’s an unexpected request for a time check at the start of the following piano solo the sextet continues to the end of the tune.

CO 29030-y   (take 4)          – partial –
This guitar solo on this breakdown doesn’t quite get off to as good a start as the other takes but it’s different and of interest until it’s abruptly brought to a halt.

CO 29030-Z   (take 5)          – 11 choruses –
A swingin’ guitar solo with mostly familiar sequences.  There’s a long, tormented blues note at bar 8 of the first chorus.  Another one of those wonderful, long runs by Charles begins at bar 8 of the second chorus to end the solo.

  LISTEN   Guitar Solo   fifth take    

CO 29030-1   (take 6)          – 12 choruses –
This is a good choice for the master take if one appraises it by the guitar solo – it’s well-paced, well-balanced, well-versed.

Every one of Charles’ Benny’s Bugle solos is quite engaging on this session.  Each solo begins with the same apropos phrasing, then promptly branches off in interesting journeys of their own uniqueness.


Issued Recordings:
  [ CD ] Columbia/Legacy AC4K 65564   *** (disc 4, track 22)
    Columbia/Legacy C4K 65564   *** (disc 4, track 22)
    Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2013   * (track 1e)
    Masters of Jazz MJCD 189   ** (track 12a)
    Sony/Legacy 93035   *** (disc 4, track 22)
    *    [CD]  JUCD 2013 contains the complete rehearsal session from takes CO 29030-v through CO 29030-1 including talk, practice, and tryouts between takes.  Charles’ voice can be heard several times between takes CO 29030-Z and CO 29030-1.

**   [CD]  MJCD 189 contains the rehearsal session from 2:45 before take CO 29030-Z through CO 29030-1 including talk, practice, and tryouts between takes.  Charles’ voice can be heard several times between the two takes.

***  [CD]  93035  &  (A)C4K 65564  contain the rehearsal session from 2:43 before take CO 29030-Z to 3:45 after (just before the start of master take CO 29030-1) including talk, practice, tryouts between takes.  Charles’ voice can be heard several times between the two takes.

    these releases omit the intro and the first chorus (theme):
  [ CD ] Masters of Jazz MJCD 67 (track 7)
    Masters of Jazz R2CD 8004 (disc 2, track 3)
  Spliced & Incomplete:
    these releases omit the intro and the first chorus (theme) and are spliced preceded by part of take CO 29030-X:

Illustration of Splice is here.

  [ LP ] Jazz Archives JA-6 (side B, track 4b)
  [ CD ] Archives of Jazz 380106 2 (track 12b)
    Archives of Jazz 389106 2 (track 12b)


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